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Resurrecting the MUD

User Interface DiagramDevelopment for SolsticeOnline has stopped while I pursue other projects. I may return to this project at a later time.

Welcome to! Solstice is a project I have been working on since mid 2005 (off and on) and I'm very excited about seeing it finally go public. My love and fascination with persistent worlds urged me to build one of my own. The result is a general purpose engine and tools that allows a world to be constructed and expanded easily by just about anyone!

My original goal was to just make something that worked so that I could say "I did it!" Well, it works. The next goal was to provide a unique interface that presents lots of information to the player, and allows players to interact with the world using the mouse and not just text. That is in, though redesigns will be coming.

Current goals are to provide players with all of the features and intricate mechanics they love about modern day MMOs. Lots of features have already been added, and lots are planned. For example, Groups, trading, live chat, and tons more are already live. Some future features will include player purchased housing, in game mail, guilds etc. Get involved in Solstice's development and be active in the forums! Let me know what you want to see!

Solstice has been developed using Java technology so that it will run right in your web browser; no installation is required and you always will be running the latest possible version! Solstice also utilizes a mySql database to help keep the world, your characters, and your loot safe! All this is currently running off of an Apple XServe G4.

Latest News (For all news items go to News)
Getting ready for 1.0 (Alpha)! 2007-2-28 18:18:54

1.0 (Alpha) should be rolling around very soon now, within the next couple of weeks. I've been doing a lot of work on the engine and its coming together very nicely. Just a bit more time focused on creating the game world and we'll be good to go!

Check out the forum to see what has been going on!

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